FIABCI Malaysia Morning Talk – February 2013

"Malaysia's Economic Outlook & Implications for the Property Market"

The Monthly FIABCI Morning Talk 2013

06.02.2013 – Dr. Daniele Gambero, Chief Executive Officer of REI Group of Companies attended the FIABCI Malaysia Morning Talk on 6th February 2013. Title of the month, “Malaysia’s Economic Outlook & Implications for the Property Market” by Dr. Yeah Kim Leng of RAM Holdings Berhad.

Brief Summary:

  • The US economy forecast to perform slightly better with the incumbent issue of the Fiscal Cliff.
  • Europe’s economy – No comments about it.
  • China and India is expected to perform better this year 2013 and to lead the Asian countries toward a ‘World Leading economic Group” and Malaysia doing pretty well.

GDP Growth stable at 4.8/5.2% Inflation below 3% Housing sector moving more toward the affordable range of products.

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