Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI) – Asian Corporate Giants Forum 2013

The Rise of The Giants

21.02.2013 – Dr. Daniele Gambero, Chief Executive Officer of REI Group of Companies attended ASLI‘s Asian Corporate Giants Forum for 2013 at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Opening keynote was done by YB Dato Seri Ahmad Husni, Minister of Finance II. Followed by welcoming speech done by both Tan Sri Siti Norma Yakob, Chairman of RAM Holdings and Tan Sri Michael Yeoh, CEO of ASLI.

The Goal

The Conference will enable participants to learn the success stories of Asian Corporate Giants and hear from leading CEOs how they transformed their corporations to be top performers and how they make their teams into high performance ones. The rise of Asia’s Corporate Giants and Asian Emerging Markets will help propel economic growth in the region. More and more Asian corporations are emerging to be regional and global players, shaping the Future of Corporate Asia.

The Maker’s Mark

This Conference to mark the 2013 Asian Corporate Giants listing release will enable participants to learn from the success stories of these leading corporations – how they stay on top and how they deliver superior results and high performance.

The Conference brings together leading corporate CEO’s and prominent economists to evaluate the strategic challenges going forward in the short to medium term and share lessons for corporate growth and success during tough times.

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