FIABCI Malaysia Morning Talk – March 2013

"Social Media Marketing"

The Monthly FIABCI Morning Talk 2013

05.03.2013 – Dr. Daniele Gambero, Chief Executive Officer of REI Group of Companies attended the FIABCI Malaysia Morning Talk on 5th March 2013. Title of the month, “Social Media Marketing” by Mr. William Lee of Orangutan Solutions Sdn. Bhd.

Lets see how interesting this subject goes! Social Media or rather, Social Networking Platforms are very, very general nowadays. Direct engagement can be attained, but with constant resources for posts, updates and the relevancy of the core business.

At times, we tend to sway off the topic by posting other resources available that grabs a person’s attention. Be it funny pictures to make a one’s mood more lively, motivational mentions of the needy or even, just pure nonsense or rants.

Believe it or not, it does work. It must have the potential “Viral” effect.

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