iProperty.com Malaysia “REAL DEAL” EXPO 2012

The REAL DEAL in Real Estate
iProperty.com Malaysia "REAL DEAL" EXPO 2012
Propenomist at iProperty.com Malaysia “REAL DEAL” EXPO 2012

14 – 16.12.2012 – Dr. Daniele Gambero, Chief Executive Officer of REI Group of Companies laying down his insightful thoughts tips and wisdom of the Property Market Outlook for the year 2013 at the iProperty.com Malaysia‘s EXPO 2012, Sunway Pyramid Convention Center (SPCC).

The first day had a remarkable draw of attention from the masses as well. Not to mention, Selayang Springs Condominium was also showcased in this exclusive event, along with the other big players of the Malaysian Property Development.

Day #2 of the iProperty.com Malaysia‘s EXPO & Seminar 2012.

Crowds eagerly attend despite the busy weekends! Remarkable and interesting attendees as well as some engage directly with the speakers after the seminar is over. Even REI Group of Companies had some technical difficulties in the middle of Dr. Daniele Gambero‘s seminar; all went smoothly with the presence of our dynamic team!

 Day #3 of the iProperty.com Malaysia‘s EXPO & Seminar 2012.

Surprisingly the Sunday crowd was amazing! Despite Dr. Daniele Gambero‘s talk was from 6.00pm to 7.00pm, attendance was amazing! We of REI Group of Companies thank all of you for participating and attending our talks so far and we are looking forward to see you guys again for the next seminar/property talk forums.

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