Press Release – Property Seminar for the Deaf Community

Corporate Goodwill & Responsibility
Press Release - Property Seminar for the Deaf Community
Propenomist at Property Seminar for the Deaf Community

Corporate Goodwill & Responsibility

09.12.2012 – The collaboration of REI Group of Companies and Deaf Moolah have presented their very first seminar on properties for the Deaf Community of Klang Valley.

Deaf Moolah is a non profit organization that helps and aid the deaf impaired to learn more about personal finances and properties and in a few words, to blend into the current ways of social life within Klang Valley.

The seminar has developed good, keen attendance and lasted for almost 12 hours. This has been a good indicator that  both REI Group of Companies and Deaf Moolah are moving in the right direction as well. More than 30 deaf individuals have attended the seminar and have paid strong attention to the several topics being touched that day.

Both organizers also presented previous seminars to raise knowledge for the deaf impaired on financial and property market trends of Malaysia. Soon, there will be an announcement of the 2013 seminar calendar for all of the attendees.

About REI Group of Companies:

REI Group of Companies is all about exclusivity, whether a property marketing consultant or agent services for clients. The Group strengths are to have a broad yet focused appeal on its customized business models that caters to clients’ specific needs. The group is a purveyor of innovation when it comes to branding and advertising of property developments.

REI Group of Companies plan is to integrate all marketing and communications services into an integrated yet flexible business plan and strategy, capitalizing on both creativity and productivity. This concept has been the driving force in the analysis or definition of their value-added business solutions plans.

The Group’s CEO, Dr. Daniele Gambero, with a long experience in the property markets world wide is also a recognized public speaker for property and property related seminars, forums and conferences.

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