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Next 100 years Mission & Vision


To transform communities by inspiring young generations to work with passion and fun towards the achievement of their dreams.


To inspire sustainable property development by connecting people to real estate with integrity, passion and fun while nurturing young talents to become future business leaders. To be the most successful, passionate, people-centric and customers-focused real estate services provider in the world.


REI Group core values, our 100 years legacy, are:

  • To protect and openly communicate our Vision and Mission at all times.
  • Just do it: consistent action is the only way to transform ideas and dreams in facts.
  • Professionalism: never compromise on it.
  • Integrity: the only way a sustainable business is run.
  • Willingness to give: the “Givers gain” philosophy, an extremely successful way to run a sustainable business by giving first.
  • Knowledge: it surely matter what you already know, but most importantly, is your willingness to learn more and share your knowledge.
  • Accountability & Responsibility: always be accountable for your actions and responsible for their outcome.
  • Care: We are committed in always caring about each other wellbeing
  • Passion & Fun: we always do what we do because we want to and not because we have to.

REI group is a people-centric successful business, therefore we are fully committed to invest in the biggest asset of them all, our team. Every single member of our family is an indispensable component of a perfectly-tuned engine and his or her training is vital to the success of the whole. Best training practices, respect, leverage on diversity, caring, rewarding, life enhancement, passion, and fun have always been the core values of REI Group. Full acceptance of constructive criticism and total freedom to express one’s ideas are practiced at all levels of our hierarchy.


People is the main resource and most valuable asset for REI Group’s successful growth. In our mission and vision statement, we declare our aim of impacting people’s lives. This is referred to both our REI Family members and our customers, being them developers or buyers. All members of our REI Family must be willing to share and embrace the Group’s core values and culture. REI Group practices full equality of given chances and treatment for man and woman, and will never compromise on this value.


REI Group working space is designed to suit our culture of flat hierarchy, passion and fun. REI Group is a result-oriented enterprise, therefore we are driven by quality and not quantity. Our environment inspire fun, passion and flexibility which stimulate and enhance the performance of all our REI Family members.

Vision and Mission
Vision and Mission

Our skills

Thanks God! We're Gifted!

Being creative and exploring new ideas are the reasons clients engage us on many different levels. What we do is simply look at things from a different perspective.

Out of the “new” view/understanding we propose new design / strategic-marketing / branding ideas. Then we work together with the Developer as a partner to make sure the new ideas are shortly converted into facts and positive results!