The Southern push: 3 new ways of looking at the next property wave

Forget location, location and location. The new property buzzwords to watch out for are Transformation, Timing and Demand.

Ask any property investor and the first thing that comes to their mind when buying a property is “location, location and location”.

While this age old mantra may hold true for certain parts of Kuala Lumpur like KLCC and the Golden Triangle Area, we may need to relook into this concept due to the lack of accessibility and efficient public transport system in certain parts of the city.

With this in mind, Dr Daniele Gambero has come up with a new analogy that will help to solve current issues and deficiencies in the Malaysian property market.

There are currently many anomalies in KL’s property market. One such example is in how the city has been designed.

If you were to study the city carefully, you will realise it has been built for cars and not for people.

As a result,  KL has become notorious for the daily traffic congestions that can come to a halt, particularly during peak hours, especially when it begins to flood.

According to data from Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL), in 2009, almost 1 million cars will enter and leave the city on a daily basis.

Additionally, official data also showed that as of end 2011, there are almost 5 million cars in Kuala Lumpur and the numbers are growing by the years.

This results in the traffic grind in KL, making it an extremely stressful experience for KLites.

So while the location may be fantastic, accessibility becomes problematic.

This is where the Propenomy Model comes in – Transformation, Timing and Demand

Here are three ways the Propenomy Model will solve current problems:

Transformation: Look at growth strategies via new economic drivers and strengthening infrastructure developments

The Southern push: 3 new ways of looking at the next property wave
New infrastructure development like the Klang Valley MRT Line 1 will transform the property market, particularly in Southern Kuala Lumpur. Photo: Khalil Adis

According to the Eleventh Malaysia Plan 2016 to 2020, the federal government had mapped out six growth strategies to take the country forward to build a more sustainable property market.

This means building homes according to market demand and economic drivers.

As such, pursuing green growth for sustainability and resilience have been highlighted as one of the key strategies.

In line with this, the federal government is strengthening infrastructure development to support economic expansion in Southern Kuala Lumpur where three iconic projects have already been mapped out.

They include Cyber City Centre in Cyberjaya, Malaysia Vision Valley and KLIA Aeropolis.

In fact, budget has already been allocated to grow the Southern Corridor with new infrastructure development such as electricity, broadband connection, roads, MRT, LRT, BRT and airports.

In addition, there are two High Speed Rail stations that will be built in the Southern Corridor.

They include Putrajaya and Seremban.

With the push towards Southern KL, Gen Ys should look into these areas as cost of living and property prices here are significantly cheaper but with the greatest potential for capital appreciation.

According to official data, Greater KL is set to hit a population mark of 10 million by 2020.

With better connectivity and new infrastructure developments to support the three economic clusters – Cyber City Centre in Cyberjaya, Malaysia Vision Valley and KLIA Aeropolis – this will lead to desirability to live in the area and therefore an increase in demand for homes in the Southern Corridor.

Timing: Knowing when to enter and exit the market

The Southern push: 3 new ways of looking at the next property wave
Knowing when to enter and exit the property market is crucial in order for your to fully benefit from your investment, Photo: Shutterstock

When buying a property, you must have an investors’ mindset as there are times when you will need to sell your property and upgrade to a bigger one.

Like every economic cycle, the property market also goes through its ups and downs.

This is where timing becomes especially crucial.

The rule of thumb when it comes to investing is this — buy at a low, sell at a high.

Likewise, in order to mitigate your risks, you must know when to enter the market and exit the property market.

In fact, with the current economy, it presents the perfect opportunity for you to start looking for your first home.

However, in order to do that you must also understand where the demand is as this will enhance your future property values.

Demand: Knowing the right areas to buy your property and what Gen Ys look for

The Southern push: 3 new ways of looking at the next property wave
Aerial view of Albury @ Mahkota Hills by UMLand. This project is one example where it is located within the growth corridor of Southern Kuala Lumpur with well thought of facilities that appeals to the aspirations of many Gen Ys. Photo: UMLand

There is currently a demand-supply mismatch in the property market whereby there is a huge supply of unsold medium to high-end homes but a severe shortage in affordable housing for Gen Ys, who genuinely need a home.

This presents a real challenge among young Malaysians when navigating the country’s complex property market.

This begs the question — where are the affordable homes?

When looking at demand, you must look at key states where the population is growing as this means there is demand for homes in that particular state.

According to REI Group’s research (see below) called Malaysian Migration Flow Rural to Urban Area, Johor, Melaka, Penang, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur are where young Malaysians are moving to as job opportunities are abundant in these states.

The Southern push: 3 new ways of looking at the next property wave
Highly urbanised states like Johor, Penang, Melaka, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor means strong demand for homes among genuine Malaysian home buyers. Graphics: REI Group

To mitigate your risks, you should then zoom in for homes that are within your budget but with the greatest room for capital appreciation.

In Selangor or Greater Kuala Lumpur, for example, the average value for affordable homes is RM390,000 whereas in Kuala Lumpur, the value is RM815,000.

The Southern push: 3 new ways of looking at the next property wave
Table showing where there are still affordable homes within Malaysia. Graphics: REI Group

From the data above, Kuala Lumpur is definitely out of your bucket list, making Greater Kuala Lumpur the next best option.

Next, you should look at where new infrastructure developments will be (as discussed under Transformation) as this will help to unlock your property values once they are completed.

When buying your home, the rule of thumb is to buy from a reputable developer.

These developers have a strong track record and a masterplan in place to ensure your property will appreciate in value.

Most often, such developers are listed on Bursa Malaysia.

Go through who are the top ten developers on the list before making your purchase.

In addition, such developers also understand the buying needs among Gen Ys who value safety, a trendy and conducive lifestyle and most importantly, Internet connectivity.

The Southern push: 3 new ways of looking at the next property wave
This two day intensive course will minimise your risks and ensures your loans are approved before buying your first home. Photo: REI Mediaction

This course is especially designed for Gen Y Malaysians wanting to buy your first home but unsure how to go about doing it. Conducted by Dr Daniele Gambero and Khalil Adis, this intensive 2-days course will mitigate your risks when buying your first home. For example, where to identify the most affordable homes but with the greatest room for capital appreciation and what to do three to six months before buying your home to ensure your loans are approved.

Course materials include:

  1. Soft copy of Malaysia Property Market Report
  2. Course outline, slides with side bar notes
  3. Malaysian Propenomy textbook by Dr Daniele Gambero
  4. Property Buying for Gen Y textbook by Khalil Adis
  5. Home mortgage calculator

Early bird price is RM3,888 valid till 19 November 2016.  Course fee is inclusive of two tea breaks and lunch for each day.

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