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Thanks God Is Friday! Let's lighten our mood with some music.

TGIF! Today’s the last day of the weekday and I’m sure most of you are sitting at your desk, anxiously waiting for the hour hand to reach 6 – unless you’re a workaholic, of course. So, for today, we’d like to share with you our current music obsessions that we can’t live without. And maybe, just maybe, it’ll lighten your mood and make the rest of your day a little better – while waiting for the weekend! Peace!

Want You Back by HAIM

An American Pop Rock band from Los Angeles, the band consists of 3 multi-talented sisters who made their first debut in 2005. Hailing from a musical family, Este, Danielle, and Alana are able to play more than one instruments. We particularly like their music video! It’s all done in one shot and although it’s just the sisters walking down an empty street, it is somehow able to capture the attention of the viewers, seeing that this video has 12,942,594 views and counting.

Wait by Maroon 5

I don’t think we need to tell you who Maroon 5 are. They are, after all, one of the most popular pop rock band of all time. We might be biased but Maroon 5 never disappoints their fans and this song is just another of the many proofs. As for their MV, although there’s an official version, we love this Adam-on-crack-version better!

Remember Me (Lullaby) from Coco

One of our favourite must be this captivating lullaby version of Remember Me from Disney Pixar’s Coco. It brings you back to the remaining memories of Coco had of her Papa. It sometimes brings us to tears – and it will definitely look weird if your randomly burst into tears in the office – but we can’t stop listening to it. We’re addicted!

Cover Image Credit: Photo by Lovefreund on Unsplash

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