Dr Daniele Gambero

Message From CEO

Property has been since ever a basic need for humankind.

It is also the safest and best asset class for investment.


Best Investment on Earth is Earth

At REI group we strive to provide data based market research and studies to make sure that property developers will be able to achieve their profit targets while delivering high quality and values to all their purchasers. 

We advocate Sustainable Property Development within the SDG-2030 framework and promote the Environmental, Social and Governance guidelines within Property Development.

Buying a property is likely to be, for the majority of people, one or the greatest investments they will ever make. If properly done, it will become the most rewarding.

While property is undoubtedly seen as the safest investment, it would be naïve not to recognize that it can go wrong.

The highest attention has to be taken not only in choosing the property you wish to buy but also the company which you rely on for your choice.

Message From CEO
Message From CEO

Yes! Not Every Project We can commit to!

We believe in demand driven and highly sustainable property developments and not all projects have these characteristics. 

Engage us to check the current and future demand for properties beforehand.

We have already helped many developers to adjust their propositions to the market.

Explore our portfolio and get in touch with us to make sure your development project or property investment is on the right path towards success!

Best regards,

Message From CEO