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Mastery in Training

With Florida’s Finest

02 & 03.03.2013 – A 2 day intensive training program with Mr. Thomas J. Senatore of Tax Lien and Deed International at the Swiss Garden Residences, Kuala Lumpur. Title of the program; “USA Tax Lien, Tax Deed and Direct Purchase Training“.

Also, to celebrate Mr.Thomas J. Senatore‘s and Ms. Irenne Teoh‘s birthday as well!

Brief intro of the Master Speaker

Mr. Thomas J. Senatore is the leading authority in tax lien and deed investing. From his modest beginning remolding homes, to his later career has a top real estate investor, Tommy’s philosophy has remained the same; “To give people the knowledge and tools to make their own dreams of success a reality”.

To know more of Tax Lien & Deed and the investment learning products that is available, please view the link below for your convenience.

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