Malaysian Reserve Award

Being different and making the difference! The two guidelines that Ms Annie Chee and Dr Daniele Gambero; Directors and co-founders of REI Group of Companies had in their mind since 2007 when everything started…..

Malaysian Reserve Award

Time has passed by and we have been handling quite a number of projects every time learning from the mistakes and always looking forward to improve the professionalism of our performance. A Project Marketing Company is always the “connection ring” between developers and the purchasers and needs to interact with crucial external parties such as lawyers, banks, authorities and media always performing at its best.

Developers are always looking forward to receive a “Confirmed” trend of sale for their projects often forgetting that their Project Marketing Company/ Partner has to handle the less foreseeable and one of the most important “ingredients” for a successful recipe: humans…

Our mission “Ensure our clients will succeed in their plans and excel in their achievements through the provision of our ‘Integrated Marketing & Communication’ services”; designed and tailored to the specific needs of each and every project we undertake. Our size, strengths and resources will help us carry out our mission. Creativity and new ideas are our guide-lines in the analysis and definition of value-added solutions for our clients.

Our goal is our clients’ satisfaction and success achieved in a friendly but professional environment through honest, trustable and ethical values; speaks loud where we want to head to and this award recognize the rightness of our Group direction.

Thank you REI Team as without you we couldn’t have made it, thank you clients as both developers and purchasers for the trust in our services. This is the fuel that will make our engine running better and faster in future!

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