Greater KL and Smart City Conference 2014

With 12 challenging months behind us and another not easy year in front of us, it is definitely a must to look into the progress done to upgrade KL, Greater KL and Klang Valley with their 8 million population towards the “status” of Smart Cities. The six pillars of the “Smart City Concept” are the Economy, Mobility, Governance, Environment, Living and as the most important; People. A lot has been done to connect this six drivers but much more still need to be done.

Affordable housing has become a daily headline in newspapers and a hot topic in all the round tables, seminars and talks. People of all the different “income groups” must be the central focus on which construct a Smart City which will be the Big Challenge for 2014.

REI Group’s CEO has been invited to share his ideas and takes on this subject. The summary of the outcome and his presentation will be publicly available to all after the conference.

Greater KL & Smart City Conference 2014

Towards A Sustainable Future

Date : 20 March 2014
Venue : The Pullman Kuala Lumpur, Bangsar


In the 10th Malaysian Plan (10 MP 2011-2015), Kuala Lumpur ranked 79 out of 130 cities under the Economist Intelligence Unit survey on livability. Major plans have been identified under the (NKRAs) to address this, particularly on combating crime and improving urban public transport. Livability, however, encompasses a broader concept, and initiatives to create attractive public spaces, nurture a uniquely internationally relevant arts and culture scene, and provide a rich mix of leisure activities will create a distinctive urban character for the Greater Kuala Lumpur

As the capital and commercial heart of the country, the Greater Kuala Lumpur (KL)/Klang Valley NKEA represent a crucial component in the plan to transform Malaysia into a high-income nation by 2020. The overall aim is to transform the region into a world-class metropolis that will boast top standards in every area from business infrastructure to liveability.

ASLI ‘s Greater KL & Smart City 2014 will be updating executive delegates the selected key areas that are expanding for its future completion in 2020. This one day forum will be combin- ing the big mind and powers that has been the pulse of development of the greater KL now, before and in the future.

Why You Should Attend
  • To gain accurate update on Greater KL ‘s outlook for 2014
  • To explore opportunities and new business synergies
  • To gain insights of the core industries that has been shaping the city
  • To discuss the key success factors for becoming smart city
  • To understand the new investment hot-spots for national & international players
  • To gain ample of networking opportunities with the industry experts and leaders
Who Should Attend
  • Chairman
  • CEOs
  • Directors of Water / Power/ Utilities Companies
  • Suppliers of Water and Electricity
  • Consultants
  • Engineers
  • Planners
  • Architects
  • Investment Analysts
  • Senior Government Officers
  • Academic Researchers and Scholars
  • Bankers
  • Financier
  • Private Equity Companies
Programmes and Notes

Greater KL and Smart City Conference 2014

Click here for the link to ASLI’s website on the event or download the brochure here.

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