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MRCB bags RM485m worth of construction jobs

Glad about this news and we look forward to further developments in the area and a new incoming spring time for Iskandar Malaysia. Well done Khazanah Nasional Bhd and MRCB.

The Southern Push

Kuala Lumpur is becoming a smart city. And, out of the six pillars of a smart city, four points deal directly with the daily issues of live revolving around the community or people, mobility, lifestyle and also the environment.

Foreign investors unmoved by local 1MDB concerns

Again, perception and reality, as we keep on underlining in our articles and presentations about boiling down to calculating the actual loss (liabilities and assets) and comparing it against the Malaysian GDP or the reserves of Bank Negara.

Propenomy News Corner-TheEdge Market

Asean Next ‘World’s Factory’

Property developers and investors get ready as a positive tsunami is coming our way… providing we are ready and smart enough for it.

Malaysia Raises Profile as Preferred Regional Hub

Way to go to maintain the right direction and speed up the completion of the development process that will bring Malaysia to becoming a developed country by the year 2020.

Awaiting The Great Property Bust

“Propenomy or economic growth generating demand for properties which spur the property market.”

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