#askmeanything with the ‘black horse’ – Debbie Wong

Proudly present to you our "black horse" the secret to success.

From zero sales in the first few months to over 50 properties sold in a year, this ‘black horse’ is an inspiring story for those wanting to carve a career in the real estate industry. We sat down with her recently to find out how she did it in our #askmeanything section.

There is a running joke and nickname that Debbie has acquired since joining REI Group of Companies in August 2016. Termed as the ‘black horse’ (a Cantonese term referring to someone who is little known but who unexpectedly succeeds), she has defied all odds by emerging as the top producer at REI Properties selling an average of 35 units in three months. Indeed, just mention her name and she conjures nothing but respect among her peers for being able to ‘walk her talk’. Just last month she was promoted from Sales Consultant to Project Sales Manager where she will motivate and lead by example for REI Properties’ current and future staff on how to become a top sales performer.

Congratulations on your achievements and your recent promotion. We have heard so much about you Debbie. Tell us, what is the driving factor behind your success?

I was brought in by Jasmine Seng and then I was groomed by our former Senior Sales Consultant, Ashley Lee. However, after Ashley resigned, it was a quiet time for me. However, I still managed to close one sale a month. Soon, my team mate, Michael Chan came into the picture. He gave me a lot of encouragements and left a very positive impact on me. That aside, my main motivating factor is a strong desire to have a roof over my head. This white heat ambition has resulted in me to close as much sales as I can and subsequently becoming a top producer at REI Properties. I am pleased to say that I now have enough funds to buy my dream home.

Tell us what is the secret to becoming a top producer?

There is no secret except to have the right skill sets, product knowledge and self-confidence. When you have all these, it will exude confidence when you speak to your potential clients. In my case, when selling Albury @ Mahkota Hills, I study the surrounding competitors within the vicinity. I then focus on the project’s positive points while eliminating the negative ones. I also go the extra step by creating a sense of urgency in my clients so that they can make swift decisions. This has resulted in me being able to clock in sales regularly.

How do you deal with setbacks?

Setbacks are very common when selling properties, but you have to learn to accept them and let it go. I had faced one setback recently when one of my customers who stays in Penang, travelled all the way to KL to view a unit at Albury @ Mahkota Hills. The client had managed to secure an 80 per cent loan margin, but wanted 90 per cent instead. Eventually, I managed to help her secure an 85 per cent loan margin. However, the deal was aborted subsequently despite my hard work. I have learnt to accept that aborted cases are part and parcel of the industry and that they are ok. I deal with such setbacks by focussing on my other customers. For every cancellation I received, I will make it up by securing two deals.

What is your advice for rookies out there?

Have a good mindset with a specific goal. It is also important to think positive and to walk your talk. In my case, I am persistent in doing cold calling, which has translated into sales.

How do you start your day?

I do a daily morning mantra, whereby I will read motivational quotes and send out positive thoughts to the universe. I also practice visualisation, whereby I see positive outcomes from my sales appointments.

What are your plans in the future?

I would like to build my own team and to inspire them that they can also succeed, as I am a living example of someone who came from zero to hero. In the longer-term, I would like to have my own company, and of course, that dream home that I have been working hard for.

Interested in a career at REI Group? Email us at helpdesk@reigroup.com.my

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