ASEAN Real Estate & Infrastructure Summit (ASEAN REI) 2014

ASEAN Real Estate & Infrastructure Summit (ASEAN REI) 2014
While there is an uncertain economic outlook for many Asian economies, appetite for Asian real estate has increased over recent months, with many institutional investors seeking Asian exposure and a number of large Asia-focused funds being brought to market. ASEAN Real Estate & Infrastructure Summit (ASEAN REI) 2014 is a conference aimed at executives in the real estate and infrastructure industry and its associated sectors. This event features government authorities, institutional investors, fund managers, developers, consultants and brokers from various regions across ASEAN to discuss key updates and shape the business of real estate and infrastructure in Southeast Asia.


Market Cycle & Investment Trends

  • Maximising Performance Minising Risk: Selecting the right target market and achieving strong defensive capital position
  • Investment Styles & Strategies – Top investment opportunities and overcoming increasing competition
  • Institutional Investors Perspective – Classes, assets and locations favoured
  • Case Study: China’s Institutional Investors – Attractive destinations and opportunities in ASEAN

Real Estate & Infrastructure Outlook

  • Growth, Trends and Opportunities in real estate sector in ASEAN
  • Market Update & Forecast – Supply and demand trends in commercial and residential properties
  • Building & Maintaining Infrastructure Investmet Portfolio – Key strategies for diversification and benefits of secondary funds
  • Alternative Investments – Opportunities in small niches with oversized returns


  • GAIN expert knowledge in key sectors of the ASEAN real estate and infrastructure market to allow you to acquire essential business intelligence across all sectors
  • MEET & NETWORK with high calibre speakers and build lucrative relationships across the industry
  • KEEP UP-TO-DATE with the latest industry issues and mega infrastructure projects news to ensure your business stays ahead of the competition


  • Institutional investors
  • Real estate developers
  • Banks and housing finance providers
  • Fund managers
  • Brokers and consultants
  • Lawyers
  • Architects and consultants
  • Professional service providers

For more information, please feel fee to contact us, visit AseanREI Website or download the brochure below.

ASEAN Real Estate & Infrastructure Summit (ASEAN REI) 2014

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