An Interesting Speech by Lee Hsien Loong @ Putrajaya

An Interesting Speech by Lee Hsien Loong @ Putrajaya


A very interesting speech which covers the underlying strong ties between Singapore and Malaysia. Listen carefully to the whole speech as it highlights:-

  1. The confirmation of HSR but wit many issues still yet to be defined which will keep us occupied for several years to come.
  2. Iskandar Malaysia (half of the speech) defining I.M. as a strategic place to help Singapore maintain it’s position and Malaysia to further develop. The words INTEGRATING, COMPLEMENTING, COOPERATION have been the leading concepts towards the logic conclusion of looking at Iskandar Malaysia as a COMPREHENSIVE DEVELOPMENT driven by ECONOMIC GROWTH AND NOT BY PROPERTIES (residential) THAT WILL COME IN AS LOGIC CONSEQUENCE. Also, interesting to hear that Singapore wants to bring “economic vitality” to I.M. that is exactly what we need to ensure sustainability to the region. Singapore has established an Industrial Cooperation Working Group to study and define profitable opportunities for both Countries.
  3. Singapore is willing to assist and cooperate with Malaysia on the Education and Training to guarantee better job creation and higher income.
  4. New FRIENDSHIP LINK but before that Singapore will have to increase the efficiency of its CIQ to improve the transit time that is now too long during peak hours. RTS and a third ICONIC link clearly mentioned several time in the last two minutes of his speech and it does looks like it might be happening for real.

Interesting content, as covered in item 3, we have a unique opportunity naturally generated by geographic configuration that sees Malaysia (62nd country in the world as per-capita income) right at the doorstep of Singapore (5th country in the world as per-capita income), fully developed and at the top position of most of the relevant ranking worldwide.

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