5 Things To Consider When Buying Your Dream Home

List of some criteria to look out for when you’re shopping for your dream house.

Are you in search of your dream house? If that’s a yes, then you perhaps already have an idea of how your dream house looks like. Whether you fancy modernized urban condominiums or beautiful landed house in the suburbs, we are all looking for that special place that will be a common ground for us and our families. But, is your dream house a good house/investment? Fret not, as I have listed down some criteria to look out for when you’re shopping for your dream house.

1. Spacious

Sapphire 9, Cheras PermaiThis is the most crucial criteria that you should consider before buying a house. Personally, I like a spacious house that is able to accommodate my growing family comfortably, and not to forget, all my junk! Especially if you like to organize parties or makan-makan sessions at home, space is always the major consideration to avoid feeling like sardines in a can! Do not fall into the trap of attractive low values such as ‘RM450,000 for a studio unit near KLCC’. Always look first at the size, which, for a family of 4, should not be less than 750 sf to 1,000 sf at minimum.

2. Great Facilities

Sapphire 9, Cheras Permai Finding a house with great facilities is like striking a jackpot! Imagine having unlimited access to the gym just a few floors away in your condominium, or a dip in the pool when the weather is just too hot to bear. Then, there is also a playground for the children – because kids need to socialize too! – and a convenient store for when you run out of salt halfway through your masak-masak. With all these amenities all under one roof, your home will truly be your safe haven.

3. Landscape Garden

Sapphire 9, Cheras PermaiTaking a walk through the beautifully-designed garden after a long day at work can really help you relax your mind and body. Bring some tea and snacks with you and you can also have a small impromptu tea party with your family, surrounded by lush greens. A beautiful picture, isn’t it?

4. Safety

Sapphire 9, Cheras PermaiAs a mother of a two-year-old daughter, there is nothing I want more than the safety of my family. Therefore, I would definitely choose a house that comes with multi-tiered 24-hour security and, card access.

5. Accessibility

Sapphire 9, Cheras Permai Traffic jam is nothing new to us Malaysian, especially for KLites. It’s a constant and unavoidable occurrence, be it going to work or grabbing a simple brunch with friends. So, ever since MRT started operating, I’ve been commuting via public transport more often, trying my best to rid the stress of driving. Therefore, I would definitely choose a house that is located near to an MRT station for safe, reliable, stress-free commute. Now, you must be wondering, “Where should I start looking for a house that fulfills all the above criteria?” Don’t worry, because here at REI Group, we have just the right choice for you. Sapphire 9 @ Cheras Permai, offers modern and contemporary living in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Drop by to our office in Sri Petaling to check out the amazing Sapphire 9 house models and get your dream home now! For more info, check out  Sapphire 9’s website here.

Sapphire 9, Cheras Permai

Sapphire 9, Cheras Permai

Sapphire 9, Cheras Permai

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