10 reasons to consider a career in REI Group’s fun factory

The death knell for most employees is being stuck in a dead-end job. At REI Group, we pride ourselves for being different. Here are ten reasons why you should consider to be part of our fun factory.

Ask any employees what are their top pet peeves in their career path and they will tell you of their mundane 9-to-5 job, the lack of flexibility, inability to exercise their creativity, the lack of career challenges and prospects. For most, the final nail in the coffin that drives employees away is of course politics.

While no company is perfect, it does not have to be that way. At REI Group, we recognise that each individual is unique with their own strengths and weaknesses. The question is, how do you harness your talents that will set you in the right career path? The answer is in being flexible, thinking outside the box and quick on your feet in an era of disruptive technology (think Uber, Grab and Airbnb)

Here are ten reasons why you should consider a career in a REI Group’s fun factory.

#1 Fun working environment

10 reasons to consider a career in REI Group’s fun factory
Working at REI Group is neither a walk in the park nor a boring 9-to-5 existence. However, we do provide a stimulating and fun working environment for those who crave challenges. Photo: Khalil Adis

A great working environment translates to a more productive and happy employee. Think of all the employees working at the forefront of technology disruptions like Google and Facebook. What do they have in common? A fun and unconventional working environment. REI Group offers that from the moment you step into our office. From our pantry to our “park at the corner”, working at REI Group is never a dull moment as you are constantly challenged to think on your feet. You have the freedom on choosing where you want to work.It’s not a walk in the park but neither is it a 9-to-5 boring existence. Our house rules? Practice mutual respect, be action-oriented, be creative and steer clear away from office politics.

#2 Performance-based company

10 reasons to consider a career in REI Group’s fun factory
Clocking in the hours can be a demotivating factor in today’s workplace. At REI Group, we value your work performance more. Photo: Khalil Adis
Ever dread having to punch in and punch out just to show that you are “present”? Well, that world as we know it has changed. In today’s economy, your work performance matters. At REI Group, we measure your job performance based on the commonly agreed upon Key Performance Indexes (KPIs). We have a fairly flexible work culture based on delivery of positive results and if you need moments to be away from the office, due to appointments or travelling or others, the rule here is ask and you shall receive.

#3 Wide range of career openings

10 reasons to consider a career in REI Group’s fun factory
Take your pick from a wide breath of fresh career pickings. Photo: Khalil Adis
Ever wanted to be a real estate negotiator but unsure if it is the right career path for you? Or you have a keen interest in helping people to secure their loan when they buy a property. For unexpected reasons, you may wish to change your career midway to something more challenging. REI Group offers just that as we have various departments offering diversified services – from social media to mortgage, from property selling to market studies, from speaking engagements to insurance. This ensures you will always be challenging yourself and not get stuck in a rut. At REI Group, our employees are our greatest assets and we want them to have the flexibility to harness their talents fully across the various departments that we have with the main aim of being successful.

#4 Chance to deepen your knowledge in property and learn from the best

10 reasons to consider a career in REI Group’s fun factory
REI Group is one of the very few Malaysian real estate companies which gives you access to two noted property experts, Dr. Daniele Gambero and Khalil Adis. Graphics: REI Mediaction

The best way to learn about any industry is to work in it. Property education is one that is highly important yet not many people are fully equipped when buying their property. For example, how do you ensure you can get your loan approved? Where should you buy your first property and minimise your mistakes? You can learn all this while on the job at REI Group. From mortgage to property selling, you will be able to learn the ins and outs of the industry across a wide breath of topics. Having this knowledge will set you apart from your peers. This is especially invaluable at a time when most young Malaysians are concerned about housing affordability while some are unable to get a loan. In fact, we are one of the rare real estate companies in Malaysia where you can learn from two noted property speakers and authors – Dr. Daniele Gambero and Khalil Adis. Pick their brains and learn from the best of the industry.

#5 Interconnection between departments generating differentiated income

10 reasons to consider a career in REI Group’s fun factory
There are opportunities to work across various departments within REI Group to broaden your knowledge and career prospects.Graphics: REI Mediaction

The best way to measure if someone will end up in the high-income bracket is to check if they have multiple revenue streams. This is what we offer at REI Group. When selling a property, from which the customer wants his loan to be approved, will also need to subscribe to an insurance coverage. You will get as a return a rewarding commission from the property sale and a six year recurring income from the insurance premium. This recurring income will come in handy for the downpayment for your first property where you will need a substantial amount of money.

#6 Young environment

10 reasons to consider a career in REI Group’s fun factory
We have a lot of fun in our office and this inspires us to be creative and think outside the box. Photo: Khalil Adis

Majority of our staff are aged 32-years-old and below. This is because a young working environment stimulates the mind, gives rise to new ideas and innovative concepts to adapt to the constantly changing global economy. Being innovative is important because ideas are what changes the world. Think of iPhone, Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, Alibaba and so on… Today’s rule of market – innovate or die. Are you innovative?

#7 Fast-growing group

10 reasons to consider a career in REI Group’s fun factory
Dr Daniele Gambero CEO of REI Group of Companies and Annie Chee, Chief Operating Officer, REI Group of Companies. Together, they have built REI Group to where it is right now with six subsidiary companies. Photo: REI Group
At REI Group, we pride ourselves for being able to adapt to the changing economy, being nimble and quick on our feet. Now at almost, 10-years-old, we now have six subsidiary companies under the group. REI Group offers you a fast-paced working environment where you can challenge yourself and to showcase your abilities.

#8 Exclusive range of services

10 reasons to consider a career in REI Group’s fun factory

To the best of our knowledge, we are so far the only real estate company that offers a wide range of integrated services. This enables us to offer a total solutions for our clients and deliver more value. As our employee, this means you can find work opportunities across a broad spectrum of services ranging from sales to insurance. It also means there is flexibility should you wish to switch career midway.

#9 Only working with prime developers

10 reasons to consider a career in REI Group’s fun factory
Our clients include the award-winning development by UMLand called D’Lagoon. They won Best Mid-Range Condo Development (South Malaysia) at the South East Asia Property Awards (Malaysia) 2016. Photo: Property Report

We pride ourselves with working with some of the top developers in Malaysia. We are able to do this based on our track record and to constantly push to give our best to our clients. Our hard work and commitment to our clients have not gone unnoticed. In 2012, we grabbed one of the ultimate recognition awards for SMEs in Malaysia – the Fastest Moving Companies at the SME 100 Awards 2012. Followed in 2013 and 2014 by two awards given by the Malaysian Reserve Property Press Award as Best Project Marketing and Most Innovative Marketing Strategist. As an employee, you can be rest assured you are working with the best-of-the-best in the industry.

#10 Great opportunity to invest in our projects at preferred conditions

10 reasons to consider a career in REI Group’s fun factory
At REI Group, you get preferential rates when buying a property backed up with a mortgage team that will ensure your home loan applications will be approved. Photo: Khalil Adis

One of the greatest opportunity our employees get in REI Group is being able to purchase a property at very favourable terms and conditions from our inventory of properties. This is made possible through our good working relationship with our developer clients. On top of that, we also have a mortgage team to assist you to get your housing loan application approved.

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